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The CityHeART App is designed to put any Long Beach resource you may need in order to help your client, your neighbor, and/or your loved ones in the palm of your hands. CityHeART's mission of wholeheARTedly loving our city and telling its stories comes to life inside this app. Read articles, watch videos, listen to 24/7 CityHeART Radio, and navigate and/or connect to services all in one app. This mobile app is designed for Long Beach case managers working at housing, mental health, healthcare, or other social services, and is free and available to any interested in user in the LB area looking to help someone connect to services. Features includes: -weekly Hub Spotlight stories to educate and inspire your helping journey -24/7 CityHeART Radio -in-app service requests for your client, neighbor, or loved one -social walls to network and connect to local resources -LB Resource Map -LB Resource Database -LB event calendar -Educational and inspirational community-based stories from CityHeART's Art from Ashes Magazine -Loyalty Program for CityHeART's Street HeART Paper

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