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Who Ya Know

This mobile app was designed to enhance the Who Ya Know - Job Networking Show community of Job Seekers, Recruiters, Hiring Managers & Career Coach's. Features Include: ✔️ Chat & Newsfeed: Network, chat & post jobs on the "hidden job market" ✔️ Small Groups: Build or join an accountability group around common interests ✔️ Partners: Job seeker resources & partners who are making an impact ✔️ Events: Summit, Coach's Corner, Job Resource Management Series & WYK Summit LIVE! ✔️ Media: Watch Live, Archive, Podcast, Featured Guests, Golden Mic Episodes, Job Seekers Spotlight & Trevor's Rants You can take notes, apply to be a guest or become a partner. ✔️ Apparel & Swag: WYK T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Beanie's etc. 2nd release will have updates that include: ✔️ Donuts & Dollars Fund: After you land, donate to help fund future outreach programs, recourses, events & job seeker hardship ✔️ On Demand Training Course: 70+video modules & action items to keep your job search on track

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